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Weekend services simply wouldn’t happen without someone to operate the sound board, display song lyrics on the big screens, help film the sermons, and so much more! We need help making sure our services are running smoothly, and if you prefer the technical side of things, this team might be right for you!

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There are different responsibilities and commitments for each area of ministry. Please read through each area and let us know in the section below if you are willing to commit to each area.

OPERATING SOUND: Previous experience is a bonus for this ministry, but not required. It is a long learning process to join this team and a musical ear is a bonus. The team leader will start the training process and volunteers would need to commit to a regular training schedule. On your first training, you will need to show up at 8:00 AM on a Sunday morning.

LIVE VIDEO TEAM: This team serves at the 11:00 AM service and has a set volunteer schedule. You would be asked to show up for the Dream Team Rally at 10:15 AM at the GC Building. Your team leader will meet you there and the check-in team will help you get set up to serve.

PRESENTATION: This team serves at every service on the weekend and volunteers are scheduled to serve on a regular rotation. Please arrive 30 minutes before the service you are scheduled to train at.

DEVELOPING SERMON NOTES: This team takes the pastor's sermon notes and developes them into a PowerPoint presentation. If you want to joint this team, you will need to be available for about an hour on Friday evening or Saturday morning/afternoon.


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