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The facility cleaning team works together to keep our buildings clean and our guests happy. Teams are scheduled to clean once a month on Thursday afternoons or evenings. It only takes a couple of hours, plus you have the chance to get to know the other people on your team!

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There are four cleaning teams that clean on Thursday afternoons or evenings. They rotate between teams and each team cleans at a different time of day. Please read the team descriptions so that you can find a good fit.

TEAM ONE is a group of guys that clean in the evening.

TEAM TWO is a family with kids, so if you would like a way to get your family involved in serving, this team is a great choice. Team two normally cleans at varying times and will let you know what time they plan to clean each week.

TEAM THREE is a group of ladies that clean in the afternoon.

TEAM FOUR is a co-ed group that normally cleans in the afternoon.
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